Our Church Link

To say that our trip to Tanzania was a culture shock is an understatement!

From the moment we arrived in a chaotic traffic jam that was Dar es Salaam until the time we attempted to beat the rush hour driving along the pavement, our eyes and ears were constantly opened by the incredible sights and sounds and smells of the country.


The generosity of the people we met, the welcome we received from each and every community we visited and the warmth of our hosts was a very moving experience.

Altogether we visited-1 Cathedral, 9 churches, 5 schools, a hospital and a nursing school.  I calculated that we travelled 11,500 miles in total, a lot of it on very, very bumpy dirt track roads.

We had some very long days in our search establish links for the schools in our parish and, of course, to develop a church link.


I know we all felt the trip was of immense value as we were staggered by the faith and belief of the people, really could have decided that they had been dealt a poor hand in life.


Yet many of those we met gave thanks for what they had, little as it may have been, and were delighted to share it with us.

Any of the churches we visited deserves our support, from those that had well established buildings to the one that met under a tree.

The church at Chipondoda is a church with walls- and that’s about it!  No doors, no roof, portable benches for pews, lizards crawling along the beams holding up the blue plastic sheeting which served as a roof.



But only succeeded in increasing the 32 degree heat during the three hour service, which was celebrated with joy and enthusiasm.  We were blown way by the welcome the wonderful hospitality and the complete devotion the their church and faith.

There were so many highlights, it is hard to select any as outstanding, they all were.  What will I remember?  Everything.  Particularly as a former PE teacher, the school which was fortunate enough to have a netball court and a football pitch, but not one ball to play with. 

Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers.


Graham Avent